4 Instagrammers Capturing Insane Shots of the Golden Gate Bridge


You can’t say San Francisco without immediately thinking of its golden child. The Golden Gate Bridge is an architectural icon that people flock to from around the world to photograph. Capturing that International Orange in all its glory is however, easier said than done. These 4 Instagrammers were up to the challenge, rose to the occasion (literally) and left jaws dropping around the great city by the bay.

1. @nois7 – Robert Jahns@Nois7 - Chillin' on Golden Gate Bridge

Dubbed Instagram Legend, photographer, and digital artist Robert Jahns is taking his photography to new, extreme heights. Warning: his shots aren’t for those with fear of heights.

2. @jordvnxsf
@Jordvnxsf - Out for a joyride

Get the helicopter ready, we’ve got a gorgeous bridge to capture. Forget those everyone’s-doing-it ground shots on Crissy Field, this Instagrammer is on top of the world.

3. @muradosmann – Murad Osmann@Muradosmann - #followmeto San Francisco with @NatalyOsmann for an afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge

You’ve probably been inspired to travel because of his #FollowMeTo series you’ve seen all over the internet. It’s just Murad Osmann, his gorgeous wife Nataly, and breathtaking scenery. And now, his 3.5 million Instagram followers (and counting) got a fresh bridge perspective with this shot.

4. @natalia_stone – Natalia StoneNatalia Stone's Golden Gate

Going under, things really start to look up. Photographer and world-traveler Natalia Stone took it to the water to capture this magic moment.