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The CREATIV Movement is ablaze across 184 countries; is Inspiring a World of Creative People. Tattoo Artist Bobby Moss has been tattooing for well over a decade and continues to strive to grow as an artist in tattooing everyday. This CREATIV Spotlight showcases owners of Timeless Art Tattoo, Bobby and Heather Moss. Timeless Art Tattoo is located in Glendale, Arizona USA.

Starting out as a color artist Bobby loves the bright vibrancy of his sponsored tattoo ink line, World Famous Ink. After meeting now wife, Heather Moss, she put him to the test wanting only black and grey work. 25 publications to date, Heather's tattoo work all done by Bobby Moss has become a staple to this shop's untouchable reputation. As a tattoo artist, Bobby is now focusing more on realism these days, he continues to strive to gain new knowledge in all aspects of his talents. Find out what motivates and inspires Bobby to continue his journey as a tattoo artist.

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'Find a good artist you believe in and stick with it.' - Bobby Moss

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