Jane Chen

Jane Chen


Location: Bengaluru & San Francisco

Medium: Medical Innovations

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine: BIG MAGIC: 15 Women that Wow | p.18

Embrace Innovations believes that every woman and child deserves an equal chance for a healthy life. We catalyze the creation of new products with strong potential to improve health outcomes in developing countries, distribute those products directly to the people who need them most, and integrate them into public health programs to have a deeper and more lasting impact on the communities we serve. When infants are born prematurely, they lack the body fat necessary to regulate their own temperature. So room temperature can feel freezing cold. In the developed world, these babies are typically placed in an incubator until they’re able to make it on their own. But parents and health care workers caring for hypothermic infants in developing countries are left with few options. Chen created the award-winning Embrace Warmer to help prevent hypothermia among infants in developing countries who may not have other incubating options. (Source: embraceglobal.org)

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