Liz Gilbert

Liz Gilbert


Location: Global

Medium: Novels

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine: BIG MAGIC: 15 Women that Wow | Cover + Feature

Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is already creating big waves not just amongst creatives, but people searching to let go of fear and unlock some inspiration. How does one do that exactly? This bestselling author has all the answers – and then some. As Gilbert likes to put it, "You have to be careful not to get too rational and scientific when it comes to creativity... I think the really cool part of it that I've been happy not to kill in myself is the idea of mystery [and] magic – the sense that there is some weird force out there in the universe that wants to interact with me." Gilbert continues to courageously explore the creative process, sharing her findings in the form of novels, TED talks, and her recent podcast series Magic Lessons.