Natalia Stone

Natalia Stone


Location: San Francisco

Medium: Photography

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine: Print Issue # 4 | p.34

A newcomer to the photography scene, Natalia Stone is making waves even among the pros with her extraordinary natural ability to capture some of the world’s most special views. Based in San Francisco, Stone has made it her lifestyle to travel the globe in search of beauty and adventure. Photography has taken her to over 40 countries, landing her on such wild, remote locations as the rim of an active volcano in Africa and icy, glacial waters in Greenland. Stone was born in Russia and moved to America as a child. She spent the latter part of her adult life working in IT, before throwing caution to the wind and deciding to pursue her passion full-time. Her greatest accomplishment, she says, is inspiring with her photographs: “Whether they were able to see the beauty of our planet through a photograph or were moved by how overcoming challenges led to personal growth – bringing about positive emotions and hopefully positive changes in people is the greatest reward from what I do.”