Ruganzu Bruno

Ruganzu Bruno


Location: Uganda

Medium: Eco-Artistry / Playgrounds

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine: Print Issue #4 | p.60

Ruganzu Bruno is a self-titled “eco-artist” based in Kampala, Uganda. Orphaned as a child, he is especially in tune with the needs of the world’s children, particularly those living in regions of poverty. By removing waste pollution, such as plastic bottles, from the developing world and using it to make art and playgrounds, Bruno is fostering healthy environments as well as healthy childhoods full of play, creativity, and learning. He instills in the children the notion that even with very little, humans are able to create big, beautiful things and make a difference in their communities. Bruno recalls, “I shifted from doing artwork to just hang on walls, having little influence on society, to doing art that solves community needs. It’s helped me realize my value to society.” A scholar as well as a trained painter and sculptor, Bruno has studied and taught all over the world, and has been the recipient of many awards for his humanitarian work and art pieces.