Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson

Sonic Architect

Location: Kentucky

Medium: Music

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine: Print Issue # 1 | p.28

I describe myself as a Sonic Architect rather than film composer. At the core of that is the idea that I don't want the scope of my music to be limited to cinema. I enjoy films and I love when I have the opportunity to write music for the ones I believe in, but truthfully I never write the music you hear for the films, the directors, the “clients” as we’ve come to call them or any person in particular. I create because it’s in my design to do so. What I write is simply an overflow of interactions I have with pain and brokenness. Some of it comes in dreams - other times it emerges from seasons of sorrow, humiliation, warfare, joy and pain. In each piece I am audibly sharing my heart, and it is the highest privilege to hear from people who resonate with it.