Creativity & Gratitude for only $7 a Month?!


The world is booming with monthly subscription services. From beauty products to pickles, you can pretty much get anything delivered to your door. But what about a peace of mind? That’s where Holstee’s The Mindful Art Subscription comes into play, delivering on something that no other monthly service can…inspiration to fuel your creativity and share with the world.

For just $7 a month, you’ll get a beautifully inspiring work-of-art card. Choose to add a handcrafted, reclaimed wooden frame or card holder to your monthly service, and your letter-pressed card can be displayed for all to see (and get inspired). Want to pass on the passion? Your monthly subscription also comes with a pre-stamped envelope to mail any past cards to a friend, coworker, family member, neighbor…you get the idea. It’s about time mail got a bit more mindful.

Holstee Mindful Art Subscription