In Step with Ballerina Agnes Muljadi


Brains, brawn, beauty and ballet shoes. Sometimes a girl really can have it all! We at Creativ are speedily becoming superfans of ballet phenom Agnes Muljadi, who embodies all that awesomeness, and a whole lot more. The Los Angeles-based ballerina, aficionada of vegan fare, and social media all-star recently talked to us about what keeps her dancing to her own creative beat.

Photography: Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida
Photography: Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida

CREATIV Magazine: Your social media handles are artsyagnes. Which aspects of ballet best allow you to unleash your inner creative?
Agnes Muljadi: The work ethic, self-motivation, repetition, discipline, responsibility and rigorous pursuit of a level of perfection that is always out of reach. 

What initially drew you — and what continues to inspire you — to dance?
I started doing ballet because my mom was a dancer and she enrolled me in Ballet at a very young age. What keeps me in dance is the constant process of transforming your own physical and mental capacities. I also enjoy the rehearsal process, discovering my inner self in different roles and continuing to eliminate technical weaknesses.

Aside from ballet, what are a few of your favorite things? (You know, in life in general.)
I like adventuring in the wilderness, discovering the art of vegan food, creating meaningful content on Instagram, watching good movies and inspirational ballet videos.

What sorts of roadblocks have you had to (*ahem*) leap over during your career?
I am impatient by nature and I always feel that things are not moving forward fast enough. Meditation has helped me a lot to slow down and being mindful of the here and now. 

What does the future hold for the talented Agnes Muljadi?
I’m very excited to continue challenging myself in all of my creative pursuits and going beyond my artistic limits. I also value my voice on Instagram and I’d like to keep introducing platforms and products that people can feel good about.

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