Look What These 4 Artists Made With Just Paper


A piece of paper never looked so good. These 4 artists show the power that a little paper can have on the imagination.

Richard Sweeney - Olympic Horses

Richard SweeneyThis London-based origami artist takes the mundane and brings them to life. A master of experimentation, his 3D design background helped him create a very hands-on approach to everything he touches. The result? Massive, unique forms like his sculpture “Olympic Horses” created by scoring paper over a wooden armature.

Maude White

Maude WhitePaper carving? Yes, paper carving. Maude White has a true talent for her delicate creations that utilize negative space in a super positive (and strong) way. “I have great respect for paper. When I cut, the thin membranous material reveals its strength to me,” she says. 

Rogan Brown - Vortex

Rogan BrownHere’s a little fact. The work of art above took four months of hand-cutting layered watercolor paper with a scalpel…and spans almost four feet. Consider it paper surgery of the finest. And artist Rogan Brown is just getting started with his large-scale representations (which have already been featured in Wired Magazine, New York Times, CNN Style, and more).


Emma Taylor - A Ship Sets Sail

Emma Taylor:  Creating her own story within a story, Emma Taylor chisels the pages of book to reveal mini masterpieces that the author didn’t even see coming. Did someone say plot twist? Working with wire and wadding techniques, she also uses the original story to guide her creative process to magical new heights. “I appreciate books as an object as much as I enjoy the stories and knowledge which they hold,” she says.

[h/t Copywriting: Britt Feder]