Mic Drop: 3 Powerful Spoken Word Pieces


They always say that actions speak louder than words. But with spoken word pieces this powerful, we’d have to disagree.

Prince EA: Thinking about the end of the world is a bit scary. But not for Poet Prince EA, who draws awareness to many of the threats we face today in a society that has become consumed by technology and keeping up with the status quo. His pieces make you think, which is good since his primary mission is to create content with purpose, allowing listeners to recognize “the power, peace and equanimity within themselves.”


Antix: A talented lyricist with an ear for a good beat, Antix (né Alexander Nimier) creates pieces often classified as rap and hip-hop. But there’s so much more than meets the eye (and ear). His velvet voice backed my solemn cello strokes reveal a rising master wordsmith. “Once upon a time I knew a girl named Esmerelda.” He pauses, “And I killed her when I told her that I never really felt her. She looked at me and smiled, and then she blew into the mist. And became one of those stories that don’t really have no gist.”


Marshall Davis Jones: A National Slam Team finalist and champion, Marshall Davis Jones draws inspiration from “one dark Friday night back in 2006,” standing atop the Brooklyn Bridge and feeling as if he had “nothing left to contribute.” Since that lonely night, he uses the art of spoken word to “heal and perhaps, make my life more meaningful,” dedicating his life to “building bridges and bridging worlds, so that others may do the same.”

[h/t Copywriting: Britt Feder]