INAUGURAL PRINT EDITION #1 – Released March 2015

The inaugural print edition of CREATIV Magazine features a stunning cover bursting with 70 pages of incredible photography and inspirational stories across the realms of adventure, art, culture, and innovation. Cover image by Randy Monteith.

It’s what’s inside (this issue) that counts:


  • Alexi Panos | On her mission to empower one billion people to harness their unique gifts to change the world.
    Known for her work as a television host on History Channel, HGTV, E!, and MTV, Panos has also helped bring clean, sustainable water to over 50,000 people in Africa over the last ten years through her non-profit E.P.I.C.


  • Tony Anderson An inside look at the world of this renowned sonic architect.
    The man behind film compositions for companies like TOMS, National Geographic, Red Bull, Canon, and Adidas candidly discusses the “crushing loneliness” and “insane precision” required to compose music, his creative process, and why he writes music.


  • The Rebound | Featuring Shaina Koren & Michael Esposito of Shaina Koren Cinematography
    Highlighting the duo’s work to share the story of the Miami Heat Wheels wheelchair basketball team in the soon-to-be-released documentary film “The Rebound.”


  • Hero & Creatives | CEO and Founder Iris Rangil shares the vision and big dreams behind her company.
    Iris Rangil dreams of spreading creativity all over the world by giving travelers the opportunity to keep their memories in a different way than taking selfies. “I want travelers to meet creative photographers that, besides being really good behind their cameras, they can actually create a different experience during the travelers’ adventure in a new place by being their personal guide.”


  • Also featuring the work of and stories about:
    – Kyle Maynard: Jedi Mind Trick
    – Maude White: Paper Carver
    – Mandy Harvey: Singing in Silence
    – Antix: International Music Star
    – And more, including: Leonid Afremov, Daan Roosegaarde, Aegis, Erik Hecht, Kilian Schonberger, Benoit Lapray, Cory Poole, Jain Bainar, Millo, Nate Hallinan, Visual Skin

…and there’s more where that came from!

CREATIV-Print Issue #1