PRINT ISSUE #2 – Released May 2015

The second print issue of CREATIV Magazine features a stunning cover bursting with over 70 pages of incredible photography and inspirational stories across the realms of adventure, art, culture, and innovation. Cover photograph of volcano diver and tech explorer Sam Cossman by Conor Toumarkine.

It’s what’s inside (this issue) that counts:


  • Sam Cossman | Volcano diver & tech explorer
    Discover the cover and learn more about Cossman’s daring descent inside an active volcano to stand at the edge of a lava lake.


  • Nick Onken Photographer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
    Onken shares more of the story behind his journey to build his empire, his recent travel to Antarctica, and how he’s giving back through the for-cause organization Pencils of Promise while documenting their journey to build schools and provide more educational opportunities for children around the world.


  • Kiel Johnson Artist & craftsman
    The Johnny Appleseed of art takes readers on a journey across the far-reaching spectrum of his art ranging from a variety of sketches, to constructing 3-D miniature cityscapes, to life-size paper-based creations, and also discusses his life as a traveling artist, including the disassembling and rebuilding of his 1975 Airstream Travel Trailer.


  • Lara Zankoul | Photographer staging the surreal
    Beirut-based photographer Lara Zankoul reveals the process behind her wonderous, artistic photography.


  • Also featuring the work of and stories about:
    – Alexander Semenov: Aquanaut, diver, and underwater photographer
    – Erik Johansson: Photo artist
    – Brad Wilson: Spectacular animal photography
    – Bjorn Lomborg: Brain Gain
    – Scott N. Miller: The Industrial Evolution and Hardware Revolution with Dragon Innovation’s CEO
    – Asya Kucherevskaya: Ukraine artist “Coloring the Mind”
    – Paul Jarvis: Artists & Creatives
    – Rafael Eufrasio: The NASA astrophysicist shares what drives his work and how he named the largest spiral galaxy
    – And more, including: Robbie Shone, Andres Amador, Eric James, Greg Boratyn, Ester Roi, Richard Sweeney, and Day’s D’Janes

…and there’s more where that came from!

CREATIV-Print Issue #2