Soak Up the World’s First Underwater Museum


After awhile, museums can start to look the same. Room after room of artwork, no matter how much you love it, leaves you feeling, well, a bit bored. Time for someone to come along and make a big splash in the world of art. Meet Jason deCaires Taylor. This British sculptor is no stranger to deep art immersion, after all he created an underwater sculpture park in 2006. He’s now going to new depths (with a greater purpose) by building the world’s first underwater contemporary museum and marine sanctuary off the coast of Spain.

Courtesy of Jason deCaires Taylor

The Museo Atlantico will feature a collection of sculptures depicting moments of daily life on the island of Lanzarote, Spain. These sustainably built figures are more than just another piece of art. They’ll serve as artificial reefs for local fish and flora that have been displaced by tourism or environmental destruction. Dive on in, and explore this museum that’s going to splish, splash, save.


[h/t Copywriting: Britt Feder]