Tune Out: 6 Songs to Help You Chill

Ella on the Run

Music has the ability to change our mood, our day, our everything. It can allow us to tune in (or out) to the world around us. Whether you’re looking for new songs to listen to on your morning commute or songs to motivate you throughout the day, we have 6 tracks to add to your playlist, stat.

Trak Joy: Meet the new generation of neo R&B on the block that sounds oh-so good. Vocalist Kile Atwater and producer Shane Dinet formed New York City’s fast-rising musical duo, Trak Joy. Euphoric yet hypnotic, Trak Joy is pushing the boundaries of contemporary R&B with this debut single. With Atwater’s softly textured vocals and Dinet’s lush electronic beats, the pair is breaking through the noise with a newly-minted sound that should be your new morning jam.

Antix: There’s a story behind every song and Antix’s “Come Home” is no different. This more-than-just-another-hip-hop artist wrote this jazzy meets beats number after a tough night dealing with his brother’s mental illness. The variety of instruments and honesty of his lyrics are sure to create a chain reaction of feelings. Expect to see more from this rising star as he puts Grammy award-winning producers behind his music.

Tristan Prettyman: Tristan Prettyman’s smoky, alto voice and soulful surfer-girl vibe is just the type of member we want in our squad. We love the strength she has in vulnerability, just like this track she wrote for the tearjerker movie “The Fault in Our Stars.” Sadly, it never made it into the movie, but lucky for us, it graced her most recent album. Pass the tissues, please.

Tony Anderson: You’ve most definitely heard Tony Anderson’s work, but maybe just didn’t know his name.  His compositions can be found in work he did for companies like TOMS, National Geographic, Red Bull, Canon, and Adidas. Just to name a few. His music weaves so intricately into the landscape that you believe it has always lived there.

Mandy Harvey: As a child with eustachian tube deformations, Mandy Harvey endured ear infections and several surgeries growing up, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her love of music. Harvey was an eighteen-year-old freshman in the Music Education program at Colorado State University when she became profoundly deaf. She was forced to drop music classes and told she was no longer a music major. Today, Harvey dazzles her audience again and again with her breathtaking vocals and undying passion.

Ella on the Run: London-based, alt-pop musician Stephanie Gautier has been running from one destination to the next since her family-globetrotting days. Fans of Gautier know her as Ella on the Run, a laid-back vocalist with a soothing “synth-pop” vibe – one that has caught the attention of Clash Music, Huffington Post and BBC Introducing. This month, she drops her new single which showcases her trademark sound – electronic beats, crooning vocals, and easy-going lyrics. It quickly becomes clear why Candid Magazine is calling Ella on the Run a “songstress on the rise.”

[h/t Copywriting: Britt Feder]