Watch This: 6 Recipes We’re Drooling Over


Gone are the days of your mother passing on her massive cookbooks to you filled with recipes from your Great Aunt Karen. You can find mouth-watering recipes that are beyond-easy to whip up thanks to that glorious thing called the internet (and YouTube). These 6 masterpieces are so delicious, you’ll have everyone convinced you spent all day in the kitchen. Joke’s on them.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But sometimes we’re so busy, we don’t even have the time. Go from hungry to full in 60 seconds with this easy-to-make, ultimate breakfast sandwich by the playful master foodies at Just Eat Life.

A New Spin on Sweet: Chinese Rock Salt Tea: Are you thirsty for some cocoa, salt and… cheese? That’s right – we said cheese. Sweeten things up a bit with this delectable iced drink that tastes like your favorite dessert (it’s a popular staple in malls across China). You definitely won’t be finding this at your local Starbucks.

Easy (Not Gross) One-Pot Vegan Chili: Laura isn’t lying why she says that cooking up chili makes the perfect weeknight meal as it is so incredibly simple and makes killer leftovers. Not to mention the minimal cleanup since you are using only one pot to cook. “So, if you are human, you can probably do this,” says Laura.

The Traveling Quinua Atamalada (Peruvian Quinoa Stew): Trick your tastebuds into thinking you’ve just zipped off to an extravagant Peruvian vacation with this culturally authentic quinoa stew. And don’t forget to throw on some music – this one is going to be good!

Comfort Food – Slow Braised Beef Short Ribs: Mastering recipes inspired by awesome movies? Get in the kitchen STAT and cook yourself an exquisite meal while being entertained to the theme of Chicago: The Musical. Another one-pot wonder, this may truly be “the ultimate comfort food,” served with creamy Parmesan polenta and crispy roasted cauliflower.

Nutella Ice Cream (aka best invention ever): Nutella and ice cream are two of our favorite things. This super-easy recipe combines them for a delicious treat that is sure to impress. Score major Nutella points with your dinner guests thanks to this scrumptious dessert or enjoy a scoop solo as a mid-day snack (no judgment here).

[h/t Copywriting: Britt Feder]