You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover

Worldwide bestseller Elizabeth Gilbert is definitely bringing the Big Magic with her next book and we’re loving what we see. But we’re not just talking about the magic within the pages (which is an all-consuming creative goldmine). Let’s just say it’s also what’s on the outside that counts. You’ll want to take cover for this news.

Big Magic deluxe edition coverTo celebrate the release of this new creativity-fueled book in a big beautiful way, talented New York-based artist Lourdes Sanchez created one-of-kind geometric covers for 250 copies. We’re all for judging a book by its cover, especially when it’s this gorgeous.

Each deluxe, limited-edition work of art is printed on satin, stamped with gold foil, signed, numbered and then housed in a chic, white case. We feel luxe just describing it. We’ll have one of each, please. This is the definition of big magic. 

Get your hands on this masterpiece, only creative things can come of it.

Big Magic Deluxe Edition Covers